Welcome to the website of E.S.P. Feiner, we are a company that specializes in phone sales and meetings schedule services for businesses, outsourced. We bring with us over twenty years of experience in the field of sales, telephone sales and handling hot and cold leads. As part of our services, we provide all the solutions for telephone sales and closing transactions over the phone. If you need more sales, meeting and lead care services, you have come to the right place. We also provide training services to increase sales.

Our company is located in Europe, and provides services to companies from all over the world, including Israeli companies. Our services are available in all languages, while providing an individual response to the needs of each business and closely accompanied by a personal representative.

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What we offer?

E.S.P. Feiner invites you to use our telephone sales system, which means let us sell for you. Establishing a professional telephone system requires a large investment in technologies, day-to-day management and most importantly, recruitment and training of employees. A call center is an important and necessary thing for almost any business, but on the other hand the establishment and management of a call center draws all the managerial energies and budget, so the solution is outsourcing. An affordable solution for phone sales and meeting schedule.

Let us do the work and sales for you. With the help of our services, you will not lose customers who have not received an answer, you will get the best out of every call, and you will also be able to increase the business' availability beyond business hours.

Every business gets customized solutions that include:

Who can it suit?

From telephone sales to handling hot and cold leads, our services are suitable for any business, small or large, that wants to give its customers a professional answer, sell and close deals. Want to promote a product or service - we can do it for you in the best way.

Among our clients you can find businesses in a variety of areas - fitness classes, yoga and gyms; Business consultants; Digital marketing companies; mediators; Leisure classes; Schools and colleges. We have the ability to provide a customized solution - any business that markets a product or service, in any field, can benefit from our services.

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